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Closing teamWhy use an attorney for real estate transactions?

Buying a home or a business property is a large investment with risk attached. With over 30 years experience in closing real estate deals, attorney Frank Feibelman knows what can go wrong in these important transactions.

Even today, there are thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure, unnecessarily. Mr. Feibelman recommends: “Real estate is a high-dollar transaction that needs to be done correctly. Many buyers wait much too long before enlisting the services of a qualified attorney. In fact, many do not use an attorney at the close of a transaction, even though it is not necessarily more expensive to do so. A real estate agent may allow a title company to finalize the closing, or may steer the buyer to an attorney they recommend.

As a buyer, or seller, you have the right to have your best interests represented by an attorney you select. And, in my experience, a lawyer should be involved even before a buyer makes an offer.”

Real estate transactions may be the largest financial commitment you’ll make in your life. Here are the valuable services a real estate attorney can provide:

1) Explain the meaning of the closing documents and make you aware of the ramifications of what you are signing.
2) Catch errors that even a title company doesn’t.
3) Assist in working out last-minute areas of conflict or negotiations that might be necessary.
4) Represent you at a later time, if problems arise.

You can’t afford to gamble with your closing. Act wisely by hiring an experienced real estate attorney.

Many phrases and terms are used through the closing process. Click here to see a few examples of legal wording you may encounter.


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